Hi, my name is Rhonda and I love books!


Over the years, I’ve kept several different blogs for different purposes, but I always ended up writing posts about books on all of them. So, I thought, why not just start a blog all about books?

So that’s what I did. I occasionally post straightforward book reviews, but mostly I write articles in three general categories:

  1. Fun pop culture tie-ins, like What if Disney Princesses were Jane Austen Heroines? or Every Book Mentioned on The Office
  2. More in-depth explorations of ideas in literature, like The Ones Who Walk Away and the Ones Who Stay and Fight: Social Justice in Science Fiction or Apparently, I Have a Complicated Relationship with “Twilight”
  3. And “My Seven Top Five” lists (it’s a whole thing; see My Seven Top Five Favorite Modern Day Adaptations of Shakespeare Plays or My Seven Top Five Unexpected Picks for the Great American Novel)

There might also be some random/miscellaneous posts on here, like bookish gift guides and costume ideas, or personal essays about my life in relation to books (you don’t have to read them; they’re probably the least interesting things on here).

BTW, I also co-host a bookish podcast, Pop DNA, that explores the historical and literary roots of your favorite works of pop culture! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts (except Stitcher, for some reason)!

I’m a blogger/podcaster by night, but by day I work in vocational rehabilitation counseling, helping injured and disadvantaged workers get back on their feet and live their best lives. In my spare time you can find me chatting with my readers’ group and chain-drinking coffee and dancing in the rain in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for reading!

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