Announcement: Read by Rhonda

You guys, I have something exciting to announce: I’m starting another podcast!

“But Rhonda, isn’t one podcast enough? Do you just like hearing the sound of your own voice, or what?”

Yes, I do. But I have other reasons, which I will explain below.

So, initially I was really just wanting to improve my voice recording and audio editing skills, because I do have another podcast, Pop DNA, co-hosted by my friend Erin. It’s an indie podcast; we research and write and record it and edit it completely on our own time and with our own money. We have day jobs to support our podcasting habit.

But if you listen to the first couple episodes, they sound pretty rough. The sound quality is not great. We honestly had no idea what we were doing at first as far as all the technical aspects, and we’re really just learning as we go. We are getting better, we’ve learned some things, but I don’t feel like I’m improving fast enough, or at least not as fast as I want to. I want to get some more practice and experience.

And, just because of life and adulting and how schedules work out, we can really only do one episode of Pop DNA a month, which makes sense for the show because it gets pretty meaty and content rich; there’s a lot of research that goes in to each episode, so I think it’s absolutely earned that we only do one a month.

But I wanted to do some more frequent recording and voice work to really work on my skills. So, I thought since I have always kind of low-key dreamed of being a voice actor or audiobook narrator, and kind-of-sort-of-definitely inspired by the amazing LeVar Burton Reads podcast, I thought I could maybe just record myself reading books, and maybe some other literature, too.

I’ve actually just started doing some work with LibriVox, which is an amazing organization that releases public domain audiobooks and they’re all read by volunteers. Check them out and support them at

And I’m starting Read by Rhonda. So every week, I’ll be reading a short work, like a story or a poem, in the public domain (because: money). I’m planning to do books, as well, but that’s going to be a bigger undertaking, so I might have to work up to that. And the plan right now is to focus on mostly children’s literature. I’ll read these works, out loud, on the podcast, and you can listen to them, if you want, for free.

So my first goal with this project is to improve my skills. But I’m also hoping to provide a free resource for parents and kids and educators and really anyone who wants to listen to some old kids’ stories just for fun. Whether it’s on a long car trip, or right before nap time or bedtime, or whenever, I want to give parents and teachers something they can listen to with their children, and also discover some wonderful classic children’s literature in the process.

And from there we’ll see. I might do some non-children’s literature at some point. But at least to start out that’s the plan.

So if you want to suggest public domain works for me to read, or you just want to say hi, you can send me an email at

Read by Rhonda will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and right here on Rhonda Blogs About Books. Here will be where I post all information and show notes for the podcast, as well. 

Thanks for listening to Read by Rhonda, and happy reading!

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